Made for Movement aim to provide clinicians with the latest know-how within the field of movement disabilities and arrange from time to time seminars with an external speaker. The seminars are held in a local area and in a half-day format.

Set up

– 2 hours Key note speaker
– 1 hour theoretical and practical presentation from Made for Movement
Total of 4 hours including breaks and lunch.

The seminars are free of charge.

Do you want to see if there is a seminar coming up in your area please click here!
If there isn’t any seminar coming up in your area and you are interested in setting up one, please contact us, to look at the possibilities for a future seminar.


Made for Movement provide dynamic custom-fit movement devices that give those who have limited ability to move by themselves the opportunity to participate in daily activities. We aim to work closely with you as clinician to make sure our products support your daily work, empowering your strategies for the patients’ ability to improve quality of life.
We enjoy the opportunity to meet up with clinicians in a workshop session where we deliver evidence-based learning in standing and activity and work practical around the products.

Set up

A workshop setting can look like this; but the set up can be adjusted to you and your colleagues needs
45 min Theoretical presentation
45 min Practical workshop

The workshop is free of charge.

Interested in setting up a workshop?
Contact your local consultant or country distributor